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Hello folowers,
The blog is finly fixed and Master Seth is back on line!

This Blog is an interracial sexual role-play fetish ONLY! And is for Dom black men to domination, humiliation, pimping, punking, punish and just all over sexually abuse white men This network is a safe place for black Dom men and submissive white men to explore the Interracial sexual role-play…

MASTER SETH EMAIL IS: blackpunisher86@gmail.com




This page is a list of white men and women that has paid or continue to pay reparation and know that the white race is the true slave race. it will be posted every time a white slave donation.

One time donation from Paul. M, Thank you!

One time donation from Douglas B. Thanks!

one time donation from Drew A. THANK YOU!
Second  donation from Drew A. NOTE: Wish I could bounce my balls on your chin bitch!
one time donation from Spenser P.
 Donation  #3 from Drew A.
one time donation from Jesse .S

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Now this white slave knows his place! Do you?

One time donation from Slave Paul thank you!

Second time donation from Slave Paul thank you!

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monthly donations from Peter S.