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BLACK REPARATIONS - “The White Guilt Index” - “The White Guilt Index”

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“The White Guilt Index”

The White Guilt Index”

I think this is a fun way for me of punishing you, and fair way for you to pay reparations for what you inferior white slave race have done, but now we blacks are back in charge, so beware! If your white brain makes you too stupid to do the math, then just send me whatever donation you think is right!

Remember, every donation helps and no donation is too small – so come on, please make a donation now! Any questions – just ask me.

This reparation chart is basic on a life time of a white people.

1. Just for being born white the reparation bill you owe at born starts at $4000.00.

2. If your family owned African slaves add $2000.00 to your bill.

3. If you work for a company that ever owned slaves add $500.00 to your bill.

4. If your family did not owned African slaves take away $100.00 from your bill.

5. If you work for a company that did business with South Africa during apartheid, add $500.00 to your bill

6. If you have ever called a Black person “nigger” or another derogatory term add $250.00 to your bill.

7. If you ever used the word “nigger” add $100.00 to your bill.

8. If you ever let a Black man to have sex with your wife/girlfriend or to take your ass, take away $500.00 from your bill.

9. If you ever sucked off a Black man, take away $100.00 from your bill.

10. If you have ever fucked a black man, add $500.00 to you bill as whites should not do this.

11. If you ever tune a job way from a black man or woman add $300.00 from your bill.

12. If you are a sex slave of the Black race take away $15.00 from your bill for every year you have served as a slave.

13. If you ever helped to turn a friend into a sex slave for a black person take away $250.00 from your bill.

14. If you ever helped to turn an adult family member into sex slave for a black person take away $500.00 from your bill.

15. If you or a family member has ever been a cop or in law enforcement add $750.00 to your bill.

16. If you earn more than $40,000 a year, add another $1000.00 to your bill.

17. For each white child you have had, add $250.00 to your bill.

18. How would you rate your personal guilt? Choose an amount according to how you feel.

Still a bit guilty = $250 | Quite Guilty = $500 | Very Guilty = $750 | Just being white makes me always guilty = $1000.

Now add up your reparation bill, then divide the amount by 50 (the life expectancy of the average Black man), for the yearly amount. If this amount is less than $240 ($5 a week), your yearly amount must be $240 as this is the minimum amount.

Then divide the yearly amount by12 months, this is how much you should pay each month.

If you would rather pay bi weekly divide the monthly amount by 2, or if you want to pay weekly, divide the monthly amount by 4. If the yearly amount is

This is the Normal Amount you owe the Superior Black race from now on, but wait, what about the past….

Ever since you’ve been an adult you have been responsible for you whiteness, so you should also make a catch-up payment for those years.

First take your age and deduct 18( this is how many years you have been an adult)

Then multiply your adult years by the yearly amount. Wow this is big number Mr. White Person. Because I am better than you, I will forgive some of this – so if you are 25 or younger, divide this catch-up amount by 4. If you are over 25 divide this amount by 10 to get the Catch-up Amount you owe.

Now you can pay this catch=up payment in a lump sum like if you were paying a deposit on a car. But I think you will want to spread it over the first 12 months. Therefore divide this catch-up amount by 12 to get the monthly amount, then by 2 or 4 depending on whether you will pay weekly or bi-weekly.

Now add this number to your Normal amount to know how much you must pay in the first year. After that your payments can go down to the Normal amount

If you are white you may notice that the reparation bill is always on the favor of the Black person and you can never win now. Well now you know how it feels!